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Bespoke Lamborghini Sogna For Sale

Lamborghini Sogna For Sale

Lamborghini Sogna For Sale

A bespoke Lamborghini Countach LP5000 S-based Lamborghini Sogna has been listed for sale by Japanese exotic car dealer Enmann Corporation. Lamborghini Sogna you say? Never heard of that before… Let us explain!

Only two Lamborghini Sogna’s exist, created by Japanese-backed Art & Tech and first displayed at the Geneva Motor Show 1991. Power was supplied through a 5.2 liter V12 engine generating 455 hp and a top speed in the region of 300 km/h. The car received no official factory backing, as such it is akin to an aftermarket tuning project… albeit a bespoke aftermarket tuning project!

Power is transferred through a five-speed gearbox to the the rear axle. A final version of the Lamborghini Sogna was presented at the Essen Motor Show 1991, however, only two copies ever left the factory. Only one of those (the car on offer here) had an engine.

Lamborghini Sogna For Sale

The price hasn’t been disclosed, however, the advert gives the impression that the sale is a reluctant sale. The Lamborghini Sogna was apparently recently on show at an automotive show at Hiroshima where it received plenty of attention from potential investors.



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