Techart, one of the most renown aesthetic modification and tuner house in the world, within the past year had one of their kits installed on to a car in Vancouver, Canada. The Techart Porsche GTstreet R780 took two years to complete- and understandably so. The exterior has multiple aesthetic upgrades from an aggressive hood, dry carbon side intakes, modified front bumper, exhaust vents in the rear bumper, and a dry carbon spoiler. This 2009 Porsche 997 has an automatic transmission; the engine has been upgraded from the factory 430 horsepowers to a 580 horsepowers. The torque now sits at and upgraded 780 which resonates in the kit name “R780”. Had the Porsche been a manual transmission both torque and horsepower would be much higher.

The car is for sale in Vancouver Canada for those interested in purchasing for a low price of 128 000$.

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