Golf 7

The Volkswagen Golf GTI is the benchmark hot-hatch, a yard stick for others to measure their creations against. Many have tried to match the all-round abilities and capabilities of the pocket-rocket but most lack in one area or another. But what if you want your Golf Mk VII to be more than just the norm, a car to take on the likes of the BMW M135i and give them a good run for their money? RevoZport have a package to take your GTI to the next level!

Meet the RevoZport RAZOR 7. The MK VII’s performance has been revised with new ECU mapping, titanium exhaust, 2 stage induction system makes the 2.0 litre 230 horsepower engine now produce more than 290hp a very handsome figure indeed. The tuners have not only work on the powerplant of the car but the aesthetics to in order to make this MK VII stand out from the crowd.

The exterior is dressed up by a double decked front splitter, a full carbon hood that shows two sculpted vents that help exhaust the heat from the extra horsepower, a pair of carbon side skirts, a GT-Wing and a 2 element diffuser all with a touch of red carbon accent. The titanium exhaust stretches from the down-pipe all the way to the dual iridescent titanium tips only weight 10kg, that’s more than 50% weight savings from the original stainless steel system.

The package looks incredible and transforms the MK VII GTI from a mundane hot hatch to an aggressive looking animal with the power to match! This is not a Golf to mess with!

Golf 7


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