Time to cast your vote! All nominees have been announced and now its our readers and fans time to vote for their GTspirit Car of the Year 2013, Hypercar of the Year 2013, Tuning Car of the Year 2013 and Tuner of the Year 2013.

The nominees for all our categories have been selected based on votes from our editorial team. Like previous years we will award two prizes per category: one Readers Choice Award based on the public vote below and one Editorial Award based on the opinions of our editorial team. You can vote for your favorites until 31st of December 2013 10am CET. The winners of both the Readers Choice and Editorial Awards will be announced beginning of January.

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  1. Mohamed Boukachabia I do not agree! A hyper car for me does not have to be high tech. It has to be rare, fast and badass. Three things that the Veneno has:P There are different types of hypercars. Some are advanced and some are just raw as hell. But they all have speed, design and rareness in common!;)

  2. Mohamed Boukachabia I do not think it is very advanced. Just because it isnt a earth-saving car does not mean it isnt advanced. It has a very advanced pushrod suspension is very advanced for example. I would very much like to see the Veneno on the list. I mean nothing on that list turns heads like the Veneno. I saw all of them in person including the Veneno so I know this:P

  3. Lukas Dafnäs you are very lucky i never saw any one of them in person yet . and about the earth-saving case the electric motor gives alot of advantages for example saving weight , Instant torque , Acceleration , stopping power combining that with the very small and yet very powerful V8 engine is enough to put any supercar in the hypercars elite


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