Elon Musk Confirms Tesla Will Create a Pickup Truck

Tesla Motors may have been only selling its Model S on mass this year, but the company’s founder and CEO Elon Musk has revealed that Tesla is planning on creating an electric pickup truck. This comes despite the fact that Tesla’s rollout across Europe is only in its infancy with all major Asian markets still remaining unexplored so far.

Musk revealed the information recently while speaking with Business Insider at the IGNITION event in New York. Musk made the announcement following a question asking if Tesla would consider creating a fleet truck similar to those currently used by FedEx and UPS in the United States for postal deliveries.

He confirmed that Tesla is indeed planning to make a pickup truck except one for private use, rather than commercial use. The upcoming Tesla Motors truck is set to be based on the Ford F-Series of trucks which have garnered a real cult following in the U.S. The Ford F-Series, in particular the Ford F-150 is so popular that in September, 60,000 were sold across the U.S.

The Tesla pickup truck will obviously take quite a while to progress from simply words and promises rolling off Musk’s tongue before hitting the production line, but Musk hopes to see a Tesla truck in 5 years.

[Via Business Insider]

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