World's Fastest Toyota Supra Becomes Even Faster

Earlier this year, the Titan Motorsports and EKanoo Racing Toyota Supra set a new world record for the quickest import across the quarter mile with the extreme Toyota Supra you see here. To set that record, a 6.23 second run down the quarter mile at a top speed of 366 km/h was achieved.


However, clearly not entirely satisfied with such a time, EKanoo Racing recently returned to the same drag strip the previous world record was set to try and go even faster. The result? An incredible 6.15 second quarter mile at a top speed of 370.61 km/h!


While that may only be the blink of an eye faster than the previous world record, when it comes down to drag racing at such a high level, every millisecond is important.

Powering this insane Toyota Supra is a heavily tuned 3.5-liter 2JZ engine inevitably running seemingly endless amounts of boost and producing thousands of horsepower!

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