Range Rover Rides Over Motorbikes in NYC

A disturbing video was uploaded to YouTube earlier today. It shows the events of an organised Bike Ride over the weekend which turned sour when a Range Rover Sport crashed through a number of riders. The video below shows the aftermath of the crash and the chase that ensued. What made the incident even more disturbing is that the Range Rover Sport was being piloted by a father with a child of under 5-years old in the rear passenger seat.

The video was allegedly shot on the West Side Highway of Manhattan. The bikers appear to surround the SUV although it seems as through something might have taken place before the camera started filming. One rider pulls up alongside the car, gesticulating towards its driver. He then pulls infront of the Range Rover before pulling his brakes which is the immediate cause of the confrontation.


The camera is quite a way in front of the vehicle at this point but you’ll clearly see that a mob starts to gather around the Range Rover. The next thing you see is the Range Rover plough its way over the top of the bikers. A chase ensues at what looks to be a normal speed. At this point it is clear that the bikers are keeping their distance from the Range Rover Sport.

Once the car hits Manhattan traffic and pulls to a stop, bikers start to attack the black SUV by ripping the door open. The Range Rover Sport driver again attempts to escape knocking down another bike in the process. A further chase ensues before the driver comes to a halt at a set of traffic lights. Three members of the group start to use their helmets to smash the glass.

Range Rover Attacked by Motorcyclist

The video has now gone viral but many commentators do not know what to make of it. The Range Rover Sport driver had apparently called 911 to report the motorcycles prior to the incident. Furthermore, a New York Police Department spokesperson confirmed that none of the motorcyclists suffered any injuries and infact, the only injury was that of the SUV driver who sustained lacerations to his body and face.

The overwhelming feeling seems to be that the bikers were actually the authors of their own demise. You can see the logic too. Firstly, the motor cylcle riders are obviously oblivious to the rules of the road. Two, sometimes three motorcycles share each lane. The driver was also a father trying to protect his infant child from a mob of intimidating bikers. That’s not to say that his actions are justified, just that you can see his logic.

Motorbikers Assault Range Rover Sport Driver

It seems that the Range Rover Sport had one or more tyres slashed during the incident. The driver was forceably dragged from his car and beaten while his wife and child watched on. He was rushed to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital with two black eyes, and also needed stitches on his face and chest.

Its thought that the motorcyle riders came from a variety of different clubs organised by HollywoodStuntz. One of the main culprits appears to wear a New Rochelle motorcycle club jacket. New York Post managed to get the official word on the incident and it seems as though the police are siding with the Range Rover Sport driver too.

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  1. From first to last, every one of those piece of s*** bikers must be arrested. First of all they did caused the incident by slowing down and making that collision with that RR. A father must protect his family and he did it with his all. After that every scenario proved that those freak dirty bikers are guilty. Freaking pathetic bike and bikers :@

  2. In the images that start it seems who started the provocation was the bike that stands in front of the Range Rover, is a child within tinho Suv is natural that seeing so many biker approaching suv is normal for the father to protect son and his wife have done what he did. We all know that motorcyclists often do not respect others and that their laws take precedence and this brings consequences. I am a biker and do not approve of many of the attitudes.
    With everything so I can not blame bikers because there are not pictures from the beginning, or whether or not misconduct on the part of the driver of the SUV.
    The auturidades to investigate and punish the real culprit.

  3. najgorsze cwelostwo (motocyklista bez mózgu) pchają sie kolesiowi pod koła i kurwy z pretensje nie każdy jest chujem ale zdarzają się takie szmaty na ty zjebanych motorak że to szok ciekawe co by zrobili jak by koleś z jakieś mafii ? tak by po dupie dostali że to szok ! za to to bym każdego kurwa w klace zamykał i kazał słychać Justina Bibera !!!!!!!!!

  4. Heated situation gone too far , anybody who has ever ridden a motorcycle and been cut off ( not saying that is what happened ) has thought of doing this at some point to the guilty party , but in general it ends with a short verbal exchange , sometimes even an apology at the next light and everyone goes on their way . Remove the egos and semantics and this is a case of road rage on both sides . I didn't see things getting out of hand until the RR starting to run over motorcycles . Did the driver fear for his life , or did he fuel the fire in the verbal exchange then realized he had gone too far with the wrong fella and his butt was going to have to cash a check his mouth just wrote ? Hit and run, public endangerment , assault ,dangerous driving , etc etc etc ,, both sides should pay for their infractions , how many wheels were under them at the time is irrelevant .

  5. so you should blame the biker at the beginning since no rules saying that DRAG out PEOPLE and PUNCH and KICK is correct way, just saw at the beginning the white superbiker wanna to communicate the other biker in MIDDLE of the HIGHWAY and it din notice behind have a vehicle near to him.

  6. You can referring the video staring from 0:25 – 0:27. dun tell he try to change the line, then what the side mirror doing for???

  7. The car, ran over motorcycles and kept driving, that is a hit and run driver, he is just lucky the motorcyclist was not injured. Yes people overreacted, and it got out of hand. I wonder why he ran them over in the first place? was he messing with a DVD for his Kid? Or maybe he was on his cell? Hummmmm.

  8. To point at the RR driver and say that he endangered lives by running them over to try to escape is beyond stupid, I would have not hesitated to do exactly the same thing in self defense. The gang brake checked him and brought the RR to a stop ON THE HIGHWAY, and that is NOT NORMAL. They were clearly not wanting to just stop and say hi, or politely ask directions.
    This is the problem with bikers, when they're in a group they think they're invincible and can do whatever they want, that's why they didn't give a damn about the road rules prior to the incident.
    They were very irresponsible, intimidating, breaking the rules, and everything they did triggered the RR driver to respond by mowing them down to escape getting boxed in. Not only that, but they took his responses and ramped it up by dragging him from his car and using violence to get payback.
    I dislike bikers to begin with, and this is just f**king disgraceful. If I were a police officer they would all be in the slammer on bread and water in no time, behavior like this in public is not only disgraceful and uncalled for but it's also very dangerous for the general public.
    If a group of bikies threaten me and my family, I will not hesitate to mow down every single one of them in self defense, and that's the key phrase here: 'Self defense'.
    Self defense is not an offence. Everyone who disagrees with that can go shove their head down the toilet and drink it all up as far as I'm concerned, because to argue that the RR driver was in the wrong is so logically twisted it's not funny.

  9. This is bizarre. The bikers aggressively surrounded the rover like a pack of wolves and then one of them deliberately stops in front of the rover causing a collision. After that the bikers, instead of taking responsibility for the accident, become hell bent on getting the rover's driver because of the accident. If I were that driver with my loved ones in the car, I would have done everything possible to flee for my life as well. These bikers are criminals!!!

  10. I have ridden for nearly 55 years and in all my riding except for organized rides with a police escort I haver never seen or did take over an entire roadway. Being a biker i am calling foul on that group as they were looking for trouble. Confiscate all the bikes and let the riders chill in jail. I don't care what, if anything the Rover guy did.If I was the Rover driver the first rider that slowed me down or stopped would have experienced a goose in the ass.

  11. see people like youare ignorant just because we ride bikes doesnt mean were from a different worl get a grip if you really hate bikers dont be a cyber hard ass quaker steak and lube ob wenesday people dont realize alot of us look outfor eachother on bikes mind you yes theres times we cut up but just remember something a bike can disappear from a scene quick fast ina hurry so persay somebody carried something with them why would it be worth your time to fight with the biker and….well…..you never know whatll escalate to so anybody with road rage issues against us bikers….we can dance


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