In the days prior to the Singapore Grand Prix a number of supercars that are normally hidden away in comfortable garages come out to play as the world eyes look over the tiny Asian Island. The night before the race the streets of the city and Central Business District buzz to the sound of supercars roaming the streets and having their valves exercised.

The Singapore Conrad Hotel is hosting the “Lamborghini F1 Night Party”, raging bulls are a favorite with the rich and famous in the country and there’s one bull that has stolen the lime-light among the collection of Aventador’s, Murcielago’s and Gallardo’s. An Aventador that Novitec got their hands on and created the ‘Novitec Torado’. This particular example has not had the maximum wrath of Novitec blown upon it which would result in 969hp, instead being tuned to a modest 755hp, but it does feature the stunning aero-pack and most notably a rather stunning paint finish! When the car starts heads turn as the Larini Exhaust explodes into life.


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