If the following video proves anything, it is that even with all the electronic aids in the world, the Nissan GT-R can still be hard car to drive.

The drag race itself, crash aside, is actually an interesting match up. A big American V8 muscle car versus the latest in technology in the GT-R. Hopes for that match up ended about half way down the drag strip, however.


According to uploader of the video, the GT-R driver told him that his “axle broke” and that caused him to careen into the side of the other car. Although that may be true, to us it looks like he over corrected for wheel spin and lost control of the car. But hey, we weren’t in the car so that is pure speculation.

Check out the video above for a look at what happened to the GT-R driver. The camera work is a bit shaky, but we think you can still make out the wheel spin.

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