Two hours, a few friends, a couple of cameras, a spattering of the worlds finest supercars all bundled together to create a petrolheads nirvana in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities of the world.

The streets of London are alive, screams and howls of the most exotic engines echo off the glass buildings of Curzon Street. This is a common sounds to the lucky, or unlucky, residents of the exclusive multi-million pound houses and apartments of Mayfair and Knightsbridge. It seems year upon year the migration of supercars from the Arab Emirates and corners of the European continent that travel to the beating heart of the city for the summer months, increases continually much to the delight of the ‘carparazzi’ and mobile-phone bearing tourists alike.

As usual the Dorchester Hotel as always never fails to harbour some of the most exclusive metal. A sprinkling of Ferrari 458s, Aventadors and SLSs, were the stars of the show. A Mercedes SLS wrapped in a unique chrome orange/bronze completed with a carbon roof scoop, diffuser and front splitter drew huge crowds, young and old posing next to the car for a photo to Tweet and share around the globe.

Further down the line of ‘common’ supercars is a matte black KTM X-Bow, a car that always draws a lot of attention with its insect like looks. The crazy KTM flanked is flanked by a matching matte ABT tuned Audi R8 complete with gloss pinstripes adding to its appeal.

Fifteen minutes later and we are again gobsmacked outside another popular London Hotel. The Sheraton Park Tower highlighting how common the Lamborghini Aventador is in London by having three of the V12 beasts each costing £250,000 (the Oakley Design car costing even more) parked in a small cluster. This is something that is hard to trump but London being London never struggles to throw up something frankly sublime. The infamous white Saudi Arabian Pagani Huayra parked behind the, now insignificant Aventadors, resulting in stunned passers by stopping on the way back from their Harrods trips turning to one another looking bemused and asking what on Earth the car is! Not too far away a Hamann tuned 458 shines in its chrome blue and carbon finish outside the Mandarin Oriental.

Down the road from the Park Towers and to Cadogan Square, a very bright Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera Edizione Tecnica sits pretty on a cobbled street but is over shadowed by the two matching orange Aventadors that we find in a deserted underground car park, symmetrically sleeping side by side. Note that these were two of a ridiculous nine Aventadors that were seen in the two hours we were in London!

A short ride to South Kensington and we come across a real surprise as a Ferrari 599GTO is found resting in the shade, its white paint complementing the pretty blue stripe perfectly. Another 458 Spider is parked just two bays ahead.

Back up to Green Park and getting lost proves to be a fantastic achievement as we stumble across a spectacular find. The fantastic looking Wiesmann Roadster basks in the cool shade on a quiet street, its matte satin finish working with it’s black wheels and grills adding to the delicate yet aggressive stance of the Roadster.

A final stop a little further away proves to be worth the trip. Hiding away in a high security car park is a very well known car one that very recently arrived in London, a baby blue matte Mercedes-Mclaren SLR 722 fresh from Qatar. The shocking blue eye catching colour is contrasted by the addition of the 722S livery that the owner specced to match the banana yellow interior. A car not to everyones taste by one that has a unique shock factor.

All in all a very special couple of hours. London continues to host more and more cars from foreign cars something that, we at least, are happy to see!

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