A dream garage featuring that dream car. Day dreams, nightmares, doodles and finally reality. A blank canvas with a focal point capable of making ears bleed, eyes chase and jaws drop.

Everyone can imagine their perfect garage and the perfect car that fits snugly into it but very few are granted with the opportunity to make it reality and even then so many will gawp and gaze in envy and jealousy.

Driving a Ferrari 250 GT SWB must be something pretty special, something that the vast majority of people in existence will ever experience and a car such as the 250 deserves a special place to tick and whistle as it rests to cool. The same applies to the Jaguar E-Type or the one-off Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Pur Blanc.

So watch the video above that Richard Thompson shot and try to grasp how it must feel to drive such mind blowing machines into such a fitting garage.

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