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Spyshots: Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo Spotted Testing on the Streets

This week, Ferrari was caught testing their new 458 Monte Carlo on the streets of Maranello. This new variant is going to be even more sporty then the base model making this the fastest and most hardcore street legal 458 to ever come off of Ferrari’s production line. Although the name Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo is not official, it is the name that Ferrari will most likely label their car.

Like any other sportier variant that Ferrari makes of their cars, this one will most likely be given a weight reduction, an increase in power, and even quicker gear shifts. The Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo is expected to produce around 600 hp from its V8 engine.

As seen in the pictures, it looks as if Ferrari is attempting to hide a stripe of some sort across the car using camouflage. Other exterior differences from the base model include the new exhaust system that is similar to the one used on the Ferrari 430 Scuderia, the special edition wheels, and new bumpers to improve downforce.

After seeing these spy shots, it’s pretty safe to guess that Ferrari is planning to reveal this car at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2013 in September. See you in Frankfurt, Ferrari!

[Via Autogespot]



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