A NIssan GT-R rolled down a hill while participating at the GG2H Rally in California, another participant in a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG pulled over to help the situation, the Mercedes was later consumed by a fire that started in a nearby bush, ignited by the hot brakes of the car. No one was injured in this incident apart from the loss of the two cars.

The Golden Gate to Hollywood Rally is open to exotic cars, luxury cars, late model muscle cars and late model German performance cars. The rally kicked off in San Jose on July 12 and finished in Hollywood a few days later. Since its summer, its common for dry patches of land to catch fire easily due to the extremely high air temperatures.

[Via The Supercar Kids]

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  1. What kind of stupid do you have to driver for breakfast to park you expensive C63 AMG sedan near a brush fire on dry grass? Owner deserved it to go up in flames. It's sad to see a beautiful car like that burn so bad that you wouldn't even know it was an AMG.


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