While the road-going FErrari 599 may have taken a back seat to the likes of the F12 and even the FF to some degree, the Ferrari 599 XX EVO is a brutal beast all its own.

Captured by YouTube user Exclusivos no Brasil at the beautiful Interlagos circuit in São Paulo, Brazil, the 599XX EVO continues to have one of the best sounding Ferrari V12’s of all time. While it isn’t uncommon to see owners of the 599XX rent out a track purely for their own private enjoyment, this particular video was shot during Ferrari Racing Days 2013, which was held at the aforementioned Interlagos Circuit.

The EVO variant of the 599XX was released back in 2011 at the Bologna Motor Show and weighs 35 kg less than a standard 599XX, with improved peak power of 740 hp and torque of 700Nm. And while the video seems to focus solely on the 599XX EVO’s in attendance (and who can blame him?), a handful of other race-prepped Ferrari’s are also present, including what appears to be a 458 Challenge and 430 Challenge. Most of the video is taken at the sweeping downhill left hand turn 1, so you get an intoxicating mixture of flat-out noise followed by quick, burbling downshifts. Awesome stuff.

Check out the video above and turn up your speakers, the sounds these cars make it pure heaven.

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