Muscle Car Invasion alongside Mopar Muscle Cars Lebanon always hold a Sunday car gathering that involves a drive to their chosen destinations. Last Sunday, they drove to Marina Dbaye which is in a town located on the mediterranean sea in Beirut the Lebanese capital city and Ras Al Maten town. A great display of American muscle cars just like we have showed you in previous posts including the one that featured the Frem Beirut Edition Lebanese Supercar.

Lebanon is known to be have quite a large number of christians and hence being the most diverse in the Middle East. As a result, the country moves along with the world in regard to social events and trends, allowing for such car gatherings to take place with ease. American muscle cars do not sell in large numbers outside of the US unlike smaller models from the bigger manufacturers, Ford and GM. To find such large numbers of these cars in Middle East proves not only interesting but also shows there is still something about these cars.

Everything from Dodge Chargers, Dodge Challengers, Superbees and Pontiacs, you find them all here. The proverbial Mustangs and Camaros will always appear and that doesn’t seem to surprise anybody, the Barracuda was also there in the famous purple and white theme. Enjoy the rest of the gallery!

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