Official: Minerva JM Brabazon Supercar

Belgium certainly isn’t known for producing supercars, but a brand new supercar concept from Minerva dubbed the Minerva JM Brabazon is set to change that. The Minerva JM Brabazon is yet another hypercar with a claimed top speed in excess of 250hp and features an advanced hybrid powertrain.

The Minerva JM Brabazon features a mid-mounted V12 engine of unknown displacement, and could reportedly have a perfect 1 to 1 power-to-weight ratio. Combine that internal combustion engine with an electric motor at each wheel and the Minerva JM Brabazon could indeed be a truly incredible, all-wheel drive hypercar.

That powertrain is then complemented with a carbon fiber monocoque and as a result, it’s not hard to believe that such a car could top 250mph. However, as we know from similar projects in the past, designing a supercar capable of 250mph+ top speeds is one thing, but actually making those claims a reality is something else entirely. No acceleration details about the Minerva JM Brabazon have been released but suffice to say, it’d be quick.

Official: Minerva JM Brabazon Supercar

From a design standpoint, the Minerva JM Brabazon has a shape similar to the brand new 2014 McLaren P1, as well as headlights and front air intakes reminiscent of the Audi R8. At the back, the Minerva looks like a widebody Artega GT.

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  1. All the cars from the "related articles" above… Rascasse, Bailey Blade, Bristol, Icona, Wmotors, Milan Abarth, VDS GT, Vencer, Falcon F7… wonder if any would reach showrooms.


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