Spectrum Car Design is a tuner based in Dubai, UAE and they have revealed a project based on the Mercedes-Benz CLS 500 fitted with a German Special Customs kit. We have featured several of GSC projects on here including the latest one of a 750hp Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. Normally, the kit goes by the name “Stealth” for all Mercedes-Benz CLS cars.

As always, this kit features broader and much more aggressive looks thanks to a new bumper with an integrated LED daytime running light. The black radiator grill is fitted with the German Special Customs emblem. A new engine hood has a broad shaft for engine cooling. The optical broadness is additionally accentuated by a set of new mud guards and new side skirts with shaft.

Spectrum did not mention about the power increase in their project which features a white CLS 500. Normally this kit comes with a power kit that offers an increase to 750hp and a maximum torque of 1,150Nm from the 5.5 liter engine. This is achieved through an additional water cooler for the charge air intercooler in addition to a set of bigger turbo-chargers as well as an exhaust system.

Like the front side, the rear also looks more aggressive than in the serially produced version due to a new bumper with integrated carbon fiber diffuser and air outlets on the sides. A four-pipe sportive exhaust system made of high-grade steel with angular end-pipes was integrated in the diffuser.

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