Video: Tesla Showcases 90-Second Battery Pack Model S Change

Despite Fisker Automotive being down in the dumps, its fellow American electric car company Tesla Motors continues to grow and introduce revolutionary technologies which it hopes will convince the world that electric cars are indeed the future. In addition to recently beginning construction of a massive supercharger network covering 98 per cent of the U.S, and releasing a 300 mile Tesla Model S, the company recently previewed its latest battery swap technology.

The battery swap technology does just what it the name suggests it does, it literally replaces the batteries of any Tesla Model S remotely meaning all the owner has to do is simply roll up to one of the battery pack swapping stations and the chore will be done remotely in just 90 seconds. As a result, swapping the battery pack on a Tesla Model S is actually significantly faster than filling up a tank of gas.

The regular Tesla Model S supercharger network takes about 20-30 minutes to fully charge the Tesla Model S and owners will soon have the option of either opting for this completely free charging or spending a few dollars to have the batteries on their Tesla Model S swapped. No pricing details for such a swap have been revealed, but it’s likely it won’t cost much more than filling up a tank of gas.

The breakthrough technology was recently showcased by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk in front of a stunned-crowd where two Tesla Model S’ had their battery packs swapped out in less time that it took to fill up an Audi A8!

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