Jay Leno Drives Mormon Meteor III

While Jay Leno has made a name for himself in the online world as the man lucky enough to drive some of the best supercars on the planet in his Jay Leno’s Garage web-series, the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage is a little different but still every bit as special.

In the following clip, Jay Leno was given the once-in-a-lifetime to drive the legendary and one-off Mormon Meteor III racing car which when new, managed to set numerous world records. The Mormon Meteor III was the second Mormon Meteor created by Ab Jenkins specifically to set new land speed records and featured a 26-liter Curtiss Conqueror airplane engine. Consequently, the Mormon Meteor III managed to produce an insane 750hp which at the time in 1937, was simply out of this world.

In its hey-day, the Mormon Meteor III managed to hit a top speed of 275km/h, and at one stage the car was even driven at 160mph for around 24 hours. What’s more, throughout its lifespan as a land speed record car, the Mormon Meteor III managed to set over 90 new world records.

In the following video, Jay Leno wasn’t only given the chance to see the Mormon Meteor III in person, but also had the chance to drive the insane racing car at the legendary Bonneville saltflats!


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