Let’s face it; supercars are not like donuts or candy where one buys them on a busy street or kiosk. Supercars are worth a fortune and even those who sell them do it in luxurious premises. I mean we have seen the likes of Amari Supercars, Prestige Imports Miami and even Cats Exotics among others. Their shops are top of the line and welcome the wealthy customer in style!

Well, time to scrap what we just said above and face reality, supercars can be donuts and candy! They can sell by any means on a busy street even by hawking. And we are not making this up, that’s what a group of wealthy Arabs in London did along the Sloane Street. They just parked their Aventador on the street with a “For sale” sticker and within 24 hours, a buyer showed up and drove away with it.

The videos were shared to us by YouTube users Supercars of London, two sets of videos with one showing the initial setup and the other shows how the buyer arrived and bought it. Whether you call it luck or witty, that has got to be one of the bizarre situations we have seen in a long time.

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