14 Scale Jeron 1957 Ferrari 801

It’s always interesting to browse through the cars on sale on eBay and one of the latest finds that we came across is this 1/4 Scale Jeron 1957 Ferrari 801, one of only 25 built and is on sale for a price of $21,500 with only two days left. It’s a large scale metal replica that was built by hand and by Ron Phillips based in the US. The 25 models were sold almost immediately in 1992. The car measures 37 inches long and weighs only 32lbs.

This particular car is number F09 and it comes complete with original factory crate and Kraft controller which is still in its box. The engine has been preserved while the seat that you see is factory tooled by Ferrari and has been displayed in a Ferrari dealership and also celebrity owned. The car is capable of attaining 80mph; it’s based on the car that raced at the 1957 German GP in Nurburgring. Interested persons can find the car here!


  1. I’m looking to sell a Jeron quarter scale Lancia D50-F1. I ran into your ad trying to find out what the car could be worth. I seen one for sale on E bay for $62.995.00. Now I see yours for $25.000. I got to find out a fair price.


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