Photo Of The Day: Lamborghini Gallardo by Jordy de Droog

Although development of a successor to the long-running Lamborghini Gallardo is well underway, the original junior supercar produced by Lamborghini still remains a favourite among hardcore enthusiasts because unlike some of its competitors, it’s still offered as a manual.

This point among a variety of others more significant has resulted in well over 10,000 Lamborghini Gallardo’s being produced and sold and the following example captured by Jordy de Droog is without a doubt, quintessentially Lamborghini.

Sure, this may only be the standard variant of the very first generation Lamborghini Gallardo meaning it doesn’t feature the outlandish wings offered on some Gallardo models, the simplicity of this bright orange Italian supercar has been complemented nicely in this photograph and its very dark background.

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