Render: Maserati GranCorsa Concept by AJ Merk

In recent months, Maserati has been very open in its plans to dramatically increase its line-up in the coming years.

If previous reports turn out to be accurate, a brand new halo supercar based on the LaFerrari is being prepared for a launch within the next two years, and if such an MC12-successor looked like this concept design by AJ Merk, we’d be very pleased.

Merk says that his Maserati GranCorsa Concept has been created with a mid-engined layout in mind, just like the LaFerrari with the car featuring a selection of unique components which separate it from all other supercars and every other Maserati ever produced.

With that being said, the Maserati GranCorsa Concept does feature the traditional Maserati front grille and in consequently, unmistakeably Italian.

Render: Maserati GranCorsa Concept by AJ Merk

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[Via AJ Merk]


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