Henrik Fisker has left Fisker

Henrik Fisker, founder of the electric car company Fisker Automotive, has resigned from his position as Executive Chairman.

The main reason for his resignation are several major disagreements that Henrik Fisker had with the executive management on the business strategy. The company has been plagued with troubles surrounding the launch of its first model, the Fisker Karma. Recently, Fisker has not been able to build this model since July after its battery supplier, A123 Systems, went bust.

Fisker commented on the departure yesterday:

While Henrik has resigned from the company his presence and influence is still very much a part of Fisker Automotive.

The design of the Fisker Karma is a timeless one. As is the design of Surf, the Sunset, The Atlantic and there are others…. all speak with a language that is unique to Fisker Automotive . Henrik Fisker pioneered these designs and they continue to live within the walls of Fisker Automotive.

Many other companies have seen their founders depart and in many cases return to influence or even lead their company in the future. The growth process of an entrepreneur and their projects are often enhanced from these changes.

Right now Fisker Automotive has plenty going on and our team is solidly focused on operations at Fisker Automotive.

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