New Photos and Details of 2014 BMW F80 M3

New images of the 2014 BMW M3 have emerged through CAR magazine. They are the same images featured in one of their magazine releases, this time in a different setting. The editors claimed to have received official images of the upcoming 2014 BMW M3 before its official launch at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show where it will be previewed as a slightly disguised prototype version of the production car.

The car allegedly features a bright shade of yellow and is a four door sedan variant of the upcoming M3. A coupe version is also expected to be released alongside the sedan dubbed the M4.

Car Magazine also revealed some details on the new M3. All future M cars will have the M designation on the front grille as well as the boot rump and according to Adrian Van Hooydonk, BMW VP of Design. They will distinguish their M models from the rest of the lineup by giving them blue brake callipers, or gold when carbon discs are fitted, graphite door mirrors and wheel finishes, and black chrome exhaust tips too.

New Photos and Details of 2014 BMW F80 M3

Also in line with the distinguishing of the M cars, the M3, and all future Ms, will have bespoke wheels with an open-spoke design like in the M6, backed by slimline paddles to run up and down the M-DCT twin-clutch box.

As for the powerhouse, a 3 liter straight six engine, reminiscent of the E36 only that this time its paired to two turbochargers developing 444bhp with facelifts expected to get up to 500bhp. BMW predicts that the next M3/M4 twins should shave 0.3 seconds off the benchmark 0-62mph time. We’ve calculated that to mean 4.5 seconds with a top speed pegged at 155mph.

New Photos and Details of 2014 BMW F80 M3

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