Black on Black Nissan GT R with Strasse Forged Wheels

Wheels manufacturer Strasse Forged Wheels revealed a stunning photoshoot of a black Nissan GT-R fitted with wheels from their workshop. The Nissan GT-R, just like previous projects they have showed us, features wheels that match the bodywork. The wheels are their S5 series that measure 22×10 inches at the front and 22×11 inches at the rear. They feature gloss black centers, black lips and black inner barrels just to create a common flow of the black theme.

With the photoshoot taken in Miami, Florida, the wheels specialist also highlighted the fasteners that are color matched to the OEM brakes and also feature the race prep weight reduction. The Nissan GT-R is not only a favorite car among tuners but also among the average car enthusiast and that could be attributed to the fact that its powered by a 3.8 L DOHC V6 featuring the two parallel Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries turbochargers that unleash 478hp and 434lb-ft of torque at 3200–5200rpm

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