Spyshots: Toyota GT 86 Convertible Captured in South Africa

After being developed ferociously for well over 5 years, and after its numerous concept variants, the Toyota GT 86 coupe was introduced to much fanfare and marks a re-establishment of the affordable rear-wheel drive sports car market.

In order to capture this high demand, while also increasing the car’s popularity further, Toyota will unquestionably release a selection of upgrades, updates and facelifts as the GT 86’s production continues. The first variant off that list will be a convertible version which is set to debut in concept form at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

However, that recent announcement didn’t stop one eagle-eyed spy photographer to snap a photo of what appears to be a production-ready GT 86 Convertible being tinkered with in South Africa.

The following spy shots were taken in the heart of Cape Town through a fence and the pearl white car looks just as visually-appealing as its coupe variant.

Spyshots: Toyota GT 86 Convertible Captured in South Africa

Unlike many supercar convertibles which can maintain much of their rigidity, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if the GT 86 Convertible was a bit less capable on track due to its low price-point.

Nevertheless, it’ll inevitably be very popular among the ladies!

[Via CarMag]

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