Video: Ferrari 458 Italia with iPE Innotech Exhaust 150mph Fly-by

In stock form, the Ferrari 458 Italia is one of the meanest sounding supercars on the planet. Thanks to its 4.5-liter V12 engine which revs to an incredible 9,000rpm redline, its triple-exhaust pipes create an exhaust note completely unique and undeniably Ferrari.

However, some owners clearly don’t find the OEM sound satisfying enough and instead fit aftermarket systems to the 458 Italia, with iPE Innotech’s straight exhaust pipe system being a popular choice.

In some countries, straight pipes are illegal because their absence of a muffler leaving what’s effectively just a straight piece of pipe, pushes noise pollution levels to the extreme. As a result of this, the following black Ferrari 458 Italian was taken to the racetrack to be fully unleased where it was captured doing a 150mph fly-by past the camera!

Be sure to watch the whole 14 second video as they’re some insane downshifts at the end!

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