Video: Ferrari P4 Replica Driven on U.S. Roads

One of the most revered and well-respected Ferrari’s every produced is the 330 P4 racer. Originally built as a car to rival the all-conquering Ford GT40 at Le Mans, the 330 P4 featured Ferrari’s longblock Lampredi V12 engine as well as an innovative fuel injection system.

On top of the extreme technology under the hood, the 330 P4 is often regarded as one of the most eye-catching supercars ever produced and as a result, trying to replicate the curvaceous lines of the car is a task in itself. However, that didn’t stop the Bailey-Edwards Ferrari 330 P4 Replica from being built and a Father and Son duo from the U.S. recently purchased such a car and filmed the following video.

Unlike many supercar replicas which look nothing like the original car and feature tiny four-cylinder engines, the Bailey-Edwards Ferrari P4 actually clearly resembles the original car both from the outside and under the hood as it too features a Ferrari-derived V12 engine and is capable of some equally impressive speeds!

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