Nissan GT-R Orange Edition by Carlex Design

By now, Carlex Design should need no introduction. We’ve seen a number of incredible interiors from this Polish company, the latest is the Nissan GT-R you see in the pictures. Its named the ‘Orange Edition’ on account of the orange leather trim that accents the interior.

It isn’t too difficult to work out the theme of this particular design. The GT-R’s sporting potential has been matched with an Alcantara and Leather interior. The seats feature a leather surround with an Alcantara center with a laser burnt honeycomb design. The dashboard gets an Alcantara finish too with carbon fiber accents and a white leather steering wheel.

Stitching is orange to match the leather and the headliner is fitted with white leather. Headrests have been embroidered with GTR logo to finish it off. The fit looks incredible.

The design continues past the inside onto the outside of the car. We don’t have a picture but we’re told that the car features orange and black striping coming from the side air vents. The bodywork is solid white with contrasting black and orange rims.

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