Video Senger Motorsports Centrifuge Concept

Boston, Massachusetts based industrial designer Marc Senger and his company, Senger Motorsports, have released what they envision to be a supercar of the future. The Centrifuge concept, a V8 powered design study producing a proposed 774hp, is the second design penned by Singer during 2012 — a fitting end to this “crazy 2012”, as Singer puts it.

In the video, Senger pits his earlier creation, the 890hp 4.3 liter V8 barn-stormer titled the Bentley Dynamo against the freshly christened  774hp V8 Centrifuge. Admittedly, the video is more of an excerise in animation, as Senger puts it, “This is one of my first attempts at animating cars, so please forgive the strange physics on display here.” The concepts are interesting, nevertheless.

According to Senger, the Bentley Dynamo draws much of its influence from 4.5 liter blower Bentleys built in the early 1900s. Posting his creations on the VWVortex forums has drawn cricism both harsh and encouraging alike.

Tell us what you think — are these concepts cool, or not?

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