Spyshots: New BMW i8 Supercar Pictures

The BMW i8 supercar has been spied yet again undergoing final developmental testing before it hits select BMW showroom floors around the world.

These spy shots clearly highlight that the car will retain many of the unique styling aspects featured on the concept car, although many of the impressive curves and sleek lines of the original have been dulled down to suit everyday driving.

With that being said, the BMW i8 is set to be quite an impressive performance machine with a 4.8 second sprint to 100km/h predicted thanks in part to the cars lightweight construction as well as the four-cylinder, turbocharged petrol/electric hybrid engine. As a matter of fact, reports claim that the i8 could achieve a claimed average of around 100mpg when driven calmly.

The BMW i8 is expected to officially arrive in production trim in early 2014 costing around $200,000.


  1. this is just ridiculous! even a M3 can do a better 0-100 time – please BMW bring a real sportscar based on that electric thing that really can compete the R8 and the SLS

  2. Amen JR !!!! BMW as Jalopnik so well put it in their year end review has lost the plot . First FWD cars and now $200k Supercars that in fact …… aren’t !

  3. @JR @GuitarSlinger they will bring a real supercar in 2016. this is just a electric sports car. 200k is normal cause of the expensive parts used. prolly go cheaper in future though but same super lightweight parts will be used on there actual supercar. They registered the names M8 and M10. so will likely be one them. and it will be made to celebrate BMW’s 100th anniversary.

  4. Dont listen to GS as if it is not made by the company “she” works for, it in his eyes is a piece of crap.

    But Yes please Mr BMW bring out a real super (hyper) car, with a real engine!, i need a BMW super/hyper car…


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