Tuning company MEC Design has revealed its 2013 widebody kit for the Mercedes-Benz R230 SL-Class. The kit will be available as from February next year.

Details of the kit include the MEC Design Front Bumper including mesh with two different front spoiler lips. The spoiler lips are offered in four options namely the big spoiler lip, big spoiler lip in carbon finish, small spoiler lip and small spoiler lip in carbon finish.

Other options in the kit include the cover with side openings with or without carbon finish, MEC Design engine bonnet with mesh, side skirts and MEC Design front fenders with side covers for MEC Design logo. There are two options given for the LED lighting on the kit one being underneath and the other being laterally in the sill groove.

MEC Design rear bumper with two different diffusers comes as standard while the options include diffuser for the exhaust system in carbon finish, diffuser with square AMG tailpipes and lateral fins with carbon finishing. The rear spoiler is standard with a carbon finish given as an option. The right and left rear fenders are also optional.

The kit also include first of eight new concave wheel designs that MEC Design will be releasing in 2013. The R230 SL will feature 11×20 inches of these wheels in the front with 285/25 ZR 20 tires and 14×21 inches in the rear with 375/20 ZR 21 tires.

MEC Designed also announced that only a limited of fifteen units will be available for this kit.

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