Google has inevitably changed the way we use the internet and due to the power and size of the American company, many of its employees are rich. Very rich in fact.

This point was recently proven by Google’s Vice President of Engineering, Benjamin Sloss Treynor who was asked to prove his identity on the SVT Performance forum by a fellow member questioning his identity and the exotic sports cars he claims to own.

The strange request entailed Treynor being asked to take photos of his cars with pieces of bread on their hoods, and Treynor obliged in a way that no one could have quite predicted. To prove his ownership of his Ford Raptor, Treynor threw on a loaf of New York Rye Bread on its hood.

Next up, he photographed his yellow Ferrari 458 Italia with a stick of Italian bread and to top off Treynor’s clever reply, he purchased English crumpets to go nicely with his pearly red McLaren 12C Spider.

Now there’s officially no doubt that Treynor really does have a car obsession like he has long claimed to have. In fact, Treynor was the Google executive which purchased a $1.4 million Ferrari 599XX Evo being auctioned off to help out victims of the Italian earthquake.

We salute you Benjamin Sloss Treynor!

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