The lightweight Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is unquestionably one of the rarest cars on the planet. It’s believed that twenty units are heading to the production line, but no information has been released on when production will begin, or exactly how many Elemento’s have been built to date, although two is the rumoured number at the moment.

Nevertheless, spotting one is an extreme rarity no matter where you from, and the $2.2 million supercar recently arrived at Lamborghini London in South Kensington. The particular Sesto Elemento is reportedly the one which does not contain a working engine.

It’s currently unclear why the Sesto Elemento has temporarily moved homes to Lamborghini’s London dealership, but it’s likely that the Italian brand will take it to local English supercar events to drum up support, attention and possibly a few orders for the car.

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  1. Why need to take it to events to ‘drum up orders’ surely it should have been sold out already with just 20 units on the go.

    No engine as possibly an exhibit model = they could fit 2 sets of pedals and make this the first human powered lambo. Green too and also making the potential owner truly lean.


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