A US Police Office, Sergent Carl T (formally Tennenbaum) is apparently being investigated for what he claims was a 100mph joy ride in a Lamborghini. It is alleged that he posted a video on Facebook with the comment: “100 Miles per hour in the Lambo, it’s roomier than you think. Plus we were all drunk.”

Sergent T has been transferred to a desk job at headquarters while an internal affairs investigation is carried out. At the moment, there’s no information to suggest that the officer was actually driving the Lamborghini.

San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr passed comment on the incident stating that “obviously, it’s just beyond irresponsible and dumb. If it plays out the way it certainly looks like it’s going to, the discipline will be swift and severe. It’s going to be a very stiff suspension to be sure.”

The incident happened in San Francisco’s Broadway Tunnel.

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