Amidst recent reports that future Aston Martin’s could feature AMG-sourced engines, further information has been released suggesting that even more technical equipment could be shared between the two companies

After Investindustrial purchased a 37.5% stake in Aston Martin, its strong ties with Ducati and then Ducati’s affiliation with AMG always offered an interesting prospect for Aston Martin and could have played a role in the British company accepting the large firm’s bid.

An unnamed Mercedes-Benz source stated the following in regards to Investindustrial, “We know these guys. They were behind Ducati and we had a very closely knit marketing deal with them. They rang and asked if they won the bid for Aston would we be interested in being a technology partner.”

Even though no confirmation has been made about whether or not Mercedes played any role in Investindustrial’s purchase, rumors suggest that the two have retained their close ties, thus increasing the likelihood of various components being borrowed from AMG.

The source from Mercedes also claimed that “there is significant scope,” for future collaborations between the pair. “It would be more than just drivelines. If you look at Aston products today, it is clear that they need not only new drivelines with increased performance and improved emissions but also electronic architectures,” they added.

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