The following bright orange BMW M6 Convertible definitely belongs in our overkill category. This particular BMW M6 is registered in Romania and features a selection of bespoke parts both on the exterior and inside the cockpit all of which detract from what could be quite an attractive car.

It’s currently unclear what tuning firm completed the modifications, or if it was simply a backyard job, but either way, it’s unquestionably unique. To top off the overly excessive body panels and bumpers fitted to the car, this BMW M6 also features Lamborghini’s trademark scissor doors!

This particular car is based around the second generation M6, which in stock form produces 500hp from its V10 engine. That’s good enough to launch the car to 100km/h in just 4.1 seconds and onto a claimed top speed of 328km/h which has unfortunately been limited to just 250km/h.



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