Despite the Fisker Karma being one of the world’s most advanced plug-in hybrid automobiles, the company has recently been involved in some financial strife after the company was forced to stop all production after its battery supplier, A123 Batteries recently filed for bankruptcy.

As a result, Fisker is now looking for a mainstream automotive manufacturer which it can form a close association with and ultimately share its hybrid technology with. Additionally, partnering with an automaker larger than itself will provide Fisker with additional expertise and a greater manufacturing capacity to help it build higher quality cars, while also increasing its capacity to increase production of the Karma and any future models.

The company’s CEO, Tony Posawatz has hinted that the brand is already in talks with three large manufacturers and a deal could be agreed upon by the first quarter of next year, leading Posawatz to state, “We are absolutely committed to making this company win longer term and the history of smaller companies living on their own in their automotive business is not stellar”.

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