Updating an instantly recognisable car such as the Maserati Quattroporte is always a risk, but Maserati recently did just that and if the latest reports are to be believed, then the new model may sell three times as many units as its predecessor.

According to Maserati CEO, Herald Wester, the new Quattroporte is expected to start selling 15,000 units annually by next year and this increase in production and sales can be attributed to a selection of reasons.

First and foremost, Maserati is offering a selection of new variants with the 2013 Quattroporte, including an all-wheel drive option while the car will also be offered in V6 and V8 specifications. Furthermore, with the likelihood of a diesel V6 being offered in select markets its little wonder why Maserati has high hopes for the car.

If that wasn’t enough, the Italian brand is also aiming to open an additional 425 dealerships around the world by 2015, with a particular focus on the US where it is expected to seek help from Chrysler. Additionally, Maserati will also shift focus to the most profitable regions, such as China and open further dealerships in such locations.

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  1. Yeah right ! And Santa Claus is real – I’m more famous than Eric Clapton – Bernie Madoff is innocent – and total World Peace is but a heart beat away .

    Fantasy is one thing but this claim by Maserati’s CEO is verging on the absurd

    And then ( in the fine print of Wester’s statements GT ) there’s those new Maserati’s he thinks are gonna sell so well …… that are in his own words going to be based on …… Chrysler platforms

    Wester must be dipping into the same stash Marchionne’s been using lately ;-)


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