Reports regarding a new Porsche 960 have been around for well over a year and they claim everything from it being a Ferrari FF, four-door competitor, to a 458 Italia competitor which sits above the 911 but below 918 Spyder. Throughout this time, excitement has been growing and growing.

It has long been rumoured that the Porsche 960 was being prepared for a launch sometime in 2015. According to Porsche’s Research and Development Chief, Wolfgang Hatz, a new Porsche to sit just below the 918 Spyder is off the cards for anytime in the near future.

While speaking to Drive contributor, Chris Harris, Hatz said;

We have always a lot of ideas, at the moment I think this is a good idea but it’s not the near future. We’ve just launched a new 991. Now we have Boxster and Cayman, then we have 911 variants, turbo, GT3 and so on, then the 918 next year. I think we have so many sports cars now that we don’t have any need for a model above the 911 GT2 though.

This certainly is sad news as most automotive enthusiasts would agree that you can never have too many Porsche’s, but don’t give up hope completely as no one can truly predict where the motoring world will be in the next few years. It could simply be that Hatz is trying to shield potential GT2 and 918 Spyder owners from a difficult decision!

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