The sound of any V10 engine, particularly one derived from Lamborghini is unquestionably one of the great sounds ever produced by a supercar, and replicating such a sound must be impossible, right? Well, according to a new tutorial which has popped up on YouTube, that spine-tingling sound can simply be reproduced by using a beer can, your voice and your tongue.

Videos of people replicating car sounds on YouTube is nothing new but the one thing which sets this video aside from the thousands of others, is that the man in front of the camera actually takes the time to demonstrate how anyone can create a pocket-sized Lamborghini V10 engine in their own home.

Although some of the more scientific breakdowns of the wavelengths which go into creating such a sound may go over the head of many, if you follow the steps outlined in the video below you too should be able to create the sound of a V10.

However, with that being said, we failed miserably when attempting to do so but it’s definitely worth giving a go!

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