Exotic car dealerships offering exclusive promotions to try and attract buyers is nothing new and it’s also something that makes a lot of sense. If one really wants to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a supercar (who doesn’t!), then it’s likely that a little extra incentive may be needed to get those forms signed. And Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City recently took this ‘little extra incentive’ literally and is now offering a free Smart ForTwo for every SLS AMG purchased off its lot.

Considering that a highly-specced SLS AMG costs almost twenty times more than a Smart ForTwo, this promotion will at least provide potential customers with the option of having a small city runabout for those quick trips down to the local shopping centre and as a result, some environmental benefits could result.

However, we can only imagine that if an individual buys an SLS AMG, they’re likely to want to drive it everywhere, as it is a GT car after all, and as a result, may not be interested at all in a little Smart ForTwo, no matter how cheap it is to run.

Nevertheless, we have to commend Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City for taking such a punt with this promotion. For any customers out there reading this, keep in mind that the Smart ForTwo is built by the same people who produce the Maybach!


  1. KCMO ( and KCK ) Mercedes is a great dealership to do business with and this isn’t the first time they’ve offered either a heavily discounted or free SMART with the purchase of one of Benz’s more expensive offerings . A SMART move if you ask me ;-)

    I’ll miss doing business w/KCMO M-B now that we’ve moved .


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