Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter this week to announce that Tesla Motors was cash flow positive last week for the very first time! The news follows on from hard work put in by Tesla over the past few years.

The Model S has helped easy the cash flow. The Model S electric-sedan went on sale recently with 5,000 sales expected before the end of 2012. Despite recent production and supply delays and total revenue dropping to $50.1 million from $57.7 million, it seems that things are starting to brighten up.

The Tesla Model S will get a price increase next year. The next goal for the electric car company will be to turn a cash flow positive quarter.

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  1. Elon Musk’s Twitter is to say the least just a bit misleading . No ….. wait ….. its an abject , outright and intentionally misleading lie . Profit ? Really Mr Musk ? In light of the plethora of recently cancelled orders , that $116 million dollar loss incurred last Quarter ( up from the previous quarter I might add ) along with the most recent debacle involving a Tesla S and the editor of a major US automotive editor ?

    Ahhhhh good ol’ Elon . Living up to his ” DeLorean of the 2010’s ” moniker to a tee . IMO the Vapor Ware Grifter King of the Automotive Industry along with his Court Jester buddy Henrik Fisker .

    Oh and BTW GT . Your numbers for 2012 are way off base . As of the most recent announcement ( WSJ NYTimes TTAC ) Tesla will be lucky to have delivered 500 Tesla S’s by years end …. due to …. ( cough ) production glitches … battery inventory etc etc etc .

  2. @GuitarSlinger “Tesla will be lucky to have delivered 500 Tesla”

    better visit Tesla Motors Club LOL then check which car is 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year…

  3. @GS..are you 17 yrs old in college, because you come across as superman of knowledge in the Automotive industrie…

    Noth’n wrong with being 17..

    You gott’a be 17 before an adult..

    You are a world champion at putting words together, but just seem to lack any insight/knowledge on the topics at hand.

    If i ever find 1 minute to spare i will look you up and start up shop (of employment) next door and send you bankrupt, for takeing up my time reading your BS.

  4. “If i ever find 1 minute to spare i will look you up and start up shop (of employment) next door and send you bankrupt, for takeing up my time reading your BS.”

    Don’t do that !!! Whith more free time GS can blame more tesla we will have him even on soup!!!.

  5. lol, half true…

    But really i’m actually trying to show him something (to help) but s/he does’nt see it..

    I see potential in all people…

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    The height of CIA are also billonairs as well as concerned individuals looking for the right people to slot in to various positions/companys (government own many companys), as they have intelligence on Automotive just as well as Neurology of course all other areas includeing.

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