Tesla Model S to Get a Price Increase

The latest reports from Tesla Motors indicate that the Tesla Model S will get a price increase. This comes after recent production and supply delays from the electric car maker and with their total revenue dropping to $50.1 million from 57.7 million. The price change will affect any buyer without an order reservation but those with reservations will still get the electric sedan for the current price of $49,000.

Tesla have also said that the package options for the Model S will be affected by the price change whereby some of the features considered standard in the current models would be included as optional packages. Buyers with deferred reservations can escape the price change by completing their orders within a certain time frame.

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  1. Bahahahahahahahaha ! First TESLA can’t manufacture the bloody things because of their incompetence ! Then they lose another $116 million in the Third Quarter … to go along with every other lose they’ve incurred since day one

    And now the idiots wanna raise the price of their pretentious pile of junk ?

    Ahhhh….. TESLA . Always good for a solid laugh or two


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