Forge Motorsport has released a hand-finished chargecooler kit for the KTM Xbow. The Forge cooler improves on the factory’s plastic-capped design by being made entirely out of aerospace grade aluminium, as well as featuring a core some 25% larger than the original. Forge says:

During independent road testing this unit repeatedly recorded a reduction in intake temperatures of at least ten degrees over the original unit, with much greater differences recorded during track or competition use. These lower charge temperatures not only liberate a great deal more performance from the KTM’s Audi powerplant, but also help reduce strain and wear on the engine, increasing its longevity.

The Forge uprated Chargecooler fits quickly and easily in the factory position, using all original fixings and mount points as well as taking all original hoses and clips. Priced is set at £895 plus VAT.

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