Video Two Ford GTs Chase Ford GT40 in Colorado

One of our forum members met up with some friends last week and headed up the canyon to Estes Park, Larimer County, Colorado for lunch. The sun was out and the roads were clear.

There were only two more weekends left in the season before putting his Ford GT40 up for the winter, so it was time for meet ‘nd greet with friends in their Ford GTs. Check out the photos and chase video below!

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  1. Such a cool day and cars, but too bad it’s mostly the rear and front lids of the
    GT40. Could have used some cut aways or lock offs actually showing the cars.

  2. Is that really a GT40 or is it one of the many clones on the road these days ?

    Seeing as how I live here …. and know 95% of the car guys around ….. I’ll bet dollars to donuts its a GT40 wanna be clone .

    And as far as this being one of the last weekends to use your exotic in Colorado thats a pant load if there ever was one . Fact is there’s hardly a month where for a week or two you can’t stretch the legs of your exotic on more than one mountain road . Unless of course you’re one of those More Money than Brains gutless wanna be rubes who’s utterly clueless about the road conditions in Colorado .

    Put your exotic up for the winter ? …… in Colorado ??? What a weenie ! Hope I run into him sometime in my ride so he can kiss my exotics behind goodbye as I blow past him . ( I’ll be looking for you next ‘ season ‘ buddy ….. now that I know what your car looks like ….. promise I won’t embarrass you too badly ;-)

  3. When you run into me in “your ride” will that be a V-Tec Yo! Honda? Maybe a tricked out Scion with a giant fart can? Go mow some more lawns junior so you can score those neon running lights…


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