Wheelsandmore released a set of upgrades for the latest Bentley Continental GT today. The upgrades can be applied across the range with wheel, power, exhaust and suspension upgrades for both V8 and W12 models.

Wheel options include a 6Sporz wheelset with rims measuring 10.5×21 inches all around, tyres are 295/30/21 Continental Sport Contact 5P. 6Sporz cost 9,916 euros for a set with a variety of different finishes. A second option is the multipiece C-Sport wheelset with rims measuring 10.5×21 inches and tyres in sizes 295/30/21 Continental Sport Contact 5P. Price for the C-Sport is 7,815 euro net of tax.

Wheelsandmore have ECU tuning options for new Bentley Continental’s including the new Continental GT Speed and the GT V8. The standard W12 model rises from 575hp to 635hp while the W12 Speed rise from 630hp to 680hp and the V8, from 507hp to 565hp. All ECU upgrades are priced at 2,746 euros apart from the GT Speed which gets a higher 3,353 euro price.

Suspension upgrades are applied to the new Continental through an adjustable electronic lowering module. This allows remote lifting at speeds up to 50mph. The exhaust system, available only for W12 Continental GT’s, features stainless steel construction with remote valves and approximately 15hp extra. It costs 4,370 euros, as an option, special catalytic replacement tubes can be added with prove 15hp extra power for 1,218 extra euros.

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