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Ferrari Enzo on ADV.1 Wheels

Ferrari Enzo on ADV.1 Wheels

ADV.1 Wheels released their Enzo project just over a year ago. However, they recently got hold of a few new photos which gives us a fantastic oppotunity to share the outgoing Enzo with you once more on our front page!

The car is looked after by Martino Auto Concepts, a specialist sports and import car shop in New York. The owner obviously wanted something a bit special for his pride and joy so turned to ADV.1 to create something unique for the car. It’s fitted with a set of ADV5.2 Trak Speck SL’s measuring 20×9.5 at the front and 21×12.5 at the rear. The look is finished with P-Zero tyres.

The Ferrari Enzo features a naturally aspirated six litre V12 engine producing 660hp through the rear wheels. It features a semi-automatic F1 gearbox and four wheel independent suspension with push-rod actuated shock absorbers. The Enzo reaches 97km/h in 3.14 seconds and has been tested to a top speed of 355 kilometers per hour. It remains the fastest production Ferrari to lap the Nurburgring after setting a 7:25.21 lap time!

You can see the original ADV.1 Ferrari Enzo photo shoot by following the link!



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