SR Auto Group Range Rover Sport on PUR Wheels

SR Auto Group is back with another new project. Barely after showing us the Project Mastermind Lamborghini Gallardo, this Range Rover Sport adds to the list of their summer delights.

This one too sits on 22 inch PUR 3hree Depth wheels with a Modern Black face and Gloss Lumiere lip. SR Auto admitted that at a first glance, the spokes seem like the standard straight edged design but as you get closer you begin to notice all the fine details adding that each side of the spoke is etched with a staggered weight saving groove.


  1. Drug dealers started a tuning company (SR auto group). Not fair too those who have worked super hard and shed alot of blood , sweat, n tears to make it where they r today. Then SR auto group comes along with their drug money n does this. Not impressed!


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